Bali Garden Birds

I’m an avid bird watcher. Last year at my day job, my co-workers made fun of me when I’d trek out to the back lot picnic table, sit on my lunch break, and stare for an hour at the hawk who lived on the cell tower. At least, they made fun of me until they asked to use my binoculars. Watching a mother hawk and her chick quickly became the new work social affair.

Anyway… I love birds, and I think there are few things every garden should be required to have. I’m a firm believer that a garden should reflect the gardener’s hobbies and interests. But a sturdy bird feeder and/or pretty bird bath is one of these exceptions.

But not everyone loves birds – they are messy, noisy creatures, and some bird feeders attract squirrels and other unwanted pests. So after fishing around on the internet for some cool garden birds, I stumbled upon these little critters.

According to the Amazon listings, each Bali Garden metal bird statue is completely handmade in Bali Indonesia. And they have quite the selection of birds to adopt – different colored birds, in different heights, with different names like Mr. Hugo, Crazy Baby and Elvira. (I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m a sucker when it comes to intimate objects having names.)

Some of these Bali Garden birds have hidden compartments that allow you to insert tea light candles, LED lights, potpourri or even a spare key. I just may be placing my new friend indoors in my office or living room, instead of my beloved garden.

It looks like these wacky birds range in height from 35 inches all the way up to 61.5 inches tall. Birds that tall remind me of those exotic species you can only find in the zoo, or on an African safari. I love it!

Judging by their photos, each bird features intricate detailing. The fact that each bird is 100% made by hand is a sincere jaw-dropping matter – there’s no way that I could pull off the design of any of these crazy amazing bird statues.

Personally, the real-life like facial expressions, beaks, lean legs and flamboyant tails and hairstyles sold me on these birds. The gorgeous colors are just an added bonus. Since each one is handmade, I imagine that the coloring is at least slightly different from the photos, depending on the masterful artist. Another reason why I’m crazy about these garden birds: just like the wild, no two birds are alike.

They even sell an absolutely adorable baby snow owl.

Do you have any amazing bird decorations in your home or garden? Share them!


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